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Tumblr Mouse Cursors
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Smile your Beautiful!

My name Is Emily & im 15 years old i live in Ontario, i love tumblr and cats :)


If you command me to do something that I was already planning on doing the chances of me doing that thing automatically drop to zero

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I wanna sneak out in the middle of the night and drive to the middle of nowhere and lay on the roof of a car and stare at the starsĀ 

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"All these young girls getting themselves pregnant"

Wow, self impregnating teenage girls, these men should be afraid, we as woman are evolving at alarming rates.

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do actors ever cringe at their own voice on tv

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my friend played the most fucked up prank on her mom and there are tears streaming down my face

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my worst fear is looking bad in a photo with a celebrity

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